Aesthetics and economy – a contradiction?

25. January, 2016

Initial situation:

Metal-free single restorations in 34-37 region ordered by the dentist

Indication & material used:

34 anatomically reduced framework, 35 buccally reduced, 36 buccally minimally reduced, 37 monolithic fabricated using Ceramill Zolid Preshade (preshaded HT zirconia) and veneering porcelain


Easy and quick design of the anatomy due to mirroring the right quadrant in the CAD software; The areas for partial veneers could then be individually defined and automatically reduced.


Preshaded zircon oxide offers both easy customised and economic application options. For this restoration this material provided the optimum alliance between aesthetics in the visible, anterior region and economy in the dorsal region.

Categories: Ceramics, Software
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