Zolid FX Multilayer zirconium blocks - 9 in one swoop

15. July, 2018
Fig. 1 - The super-high translucent zirconia Zolid FX Multilayer is now also available in block shape - in all 16 VITA colors

The polychrome, ultra-highly translucent zirconium oxide Zolid FX Multilayer with integrated color and translucency gradients is now also available in block form. In this article, MDT Benjamin Votteler, Votteler Dentaltechnik GmbH, reveals the advantages he derives from the material and in particular, from the new blank shape, for his everyday work.

From our point of view, the block form has the advantage that we can considerably reduce costs for stocks, especially for shades that are rarely used in the laboratory routine. An adapter is available for all Ceramill dry milling machines for this purpose. This can be clamped into the 71 blank holder quite easily. The highlight for maximum efficiency is the 9-fold holder. With the new holder, we can mill up to nine different shades overnight in our Ceramill Motion 2. The interaction of the zirconium blocks with an ingenious holder concept thus optimizes flexibility and productivity in our laboratory.

First the crown is constructed as usual (fig. 2) and transferred to the Ceramill Match. The corresponding block size can be selected here. For single-tooth restorations, the C20 block (crown) is preferred and for bridges with a maximum of 3 pontics, the B40 block (bridge). The Zolid FX Multilayer material is approved for up to 3-pontic bridges in the molar region, which is why this combination of material and block shape works perfectly for us. In this case, we created a single-tooth restoration and selected the C-block in the CAM software.

As usual, the restoration is nested in the blank (fig. 3). Same as with the blanks, the intelligent nesting concept is also available for the block form. Thus all 16 VITA shades can be covered with only ten blocks. The height of the restoration is decisive when selecting the shade of the block: The height of the blocks before sintering is 15.5 mm, for both the C20 and B40 blocks. For restorations with a height of up to 12 mm before sintering, the nesting concept with 2 shades in a single block is easy to achieve. For restorations higher than 12 mm, it is recommended to select the next lighter or darker block shade to achieve the desired shade.

The various restorations can then be milled dry from Zolid FX Multilayer (fig. 4). After milling, the material is sintered and then only glazed. This results in very efficient esthetic restorations with a natural appearance - almost completely without any reworking (Fig. 5 / Fig. 6).

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