New Year’s resolution 2016: Treat your connectors carefully

10. January, 2016
"Three-point" support connector positioning model.

1. Positioning the connectors
Wherever possible with respect to the prosthetic equator, a few connectors should be placed a little higher. Ideally always alternating above - below. The “three-point support (see Image 1 above) creates a much more stable and distortion-resistant connector situation between the blank and restoration. This should have a positive effect both for milling in the machine and also when separating. In the majority of cases the connectors can be placed a little higher on the pontics than that recommended by the software, while also taking into account the equator created by nesting.

2. Sequence when separating the connectors
In this case the rule “shorten lever arms” can be followed. When separating, always start at the very outside and then separate each of the furthest away connectors in sequence (see Image 2 above). It should also be ensured that the connectors to the pontics are separated last. If, as in this case, two crowns are still in the middle of the restoration, their connectors should be separated before the pontic. The last connectors should also never be separated in one step; rather create a break-off-point by cutting only half way through the connectors. Usually the last connector on the pontic breaks when separating the penultimate connector at the predetermined break-off point.

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