4 questions on processing VITA SUPRINITY

03. February, 2016
Model of the final result - VITA SUPRINITY (fabricated and photographed by Heike Assmann, MDT, Paderborn, Germany)

Mr. Gödiker, what firing trays are recommended for firing in the case of VITA SUPRINITY?
For crystallization of crowns, honeycomb firing trays with platinum pins are recommended. These guarantee effective through-heating while at the same time preventing the restoration from sticking. In the case of objects such as inlays, onlays and veneers, placing the restoration on the firing tray with a thin layer of fibrous padding underneath has proven useful. 

What needs to be taken into consideration when using firing paste for a custom firing tray in everyday practice / laboratory routine?
The firing paste can be used for example in order to secure molar crowns onto the pins. Using firing paste also enables ceramic firing trays to be used. In this case the paste prevents direct contact so that adhesion or thermal shock can be avoided. In any case, only a very small amount of firing paste should ever be used. 

At what stage should the restoration ideally be manually reworked or reduced for individualization?
A cut-back for individualization with VITA VM 11 is ideally already added during virtual design in order to ensure reproducible results and to minimize milling as well as the corresponding development of heat. Minor corrections are also indicated in the precrystallized state – this not only protects the material, it also reduces tool wear and the effort required. Only high-gloss polishing should be performed after crystallization to facilitate better verification.

Does the material need to be pre-treated prior to veneering, and if so, how?
Special pretreatment of the VITA SUPRINITY surface is not required. Following crystallization, VITA VM 11 can be directly fired. The excellent coordination between the coefficient of thermal expansion and softening temperature guarantees an outstanding bond. If only staining or glazing are to be carried out, this step can be carried out in combination with crystallization firing.

Source: VITA Zahnfabrik, Dental Visionist Issue 1.14 2015
First publication OEMUS MEDIA AG, ZWL 6/14

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