Stay flexible - also with preshaded material

07. April, 2016
Single restorations made out of Ceramill Zolid Preshades (HT zirconia)

Initial situation:

Metal-free and highly aesthetical restoration ordered by the dentist

Indication & material used:

Single restorations made from Ceramill Zolid Preshades (HT zirconia); monolithic and partially veneered


Focus on layering and natural morphology


Tooth 15 monolithic crown customised using Ceramill Stains; Teeth 13 to 23 anatomically partially reduced frameworks, veneered using Creation CT


Preshaded zircon oxide was selected for efficient implementation of this restoration. Ceramill Zolid Preshades offer – depending on requirement – economic and aesthetic indication options. Tooth 15 was only customised using stains. In the anterior region greater attention was paid to a natural shade and shape reproduction and it was therefore veneered with porcelain.

Categories: Ceramics