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26. May, 2016
Restoration made from low translucent zirconia Ceramill ZI

Initial situation:

Restoration made from zirconia for an elderly patient, ordered by the dentist

Indication & material used:

Single restorations in region 25, 26 and 27 made from Ceramill ZI zircon oxide; veneered using Creation CT


Natural implementation of the heavy occlusal abrasion using natural-looking abrasion facets on 26


Frameworks before sintering customised using Ceramill CL liquids. Then natural-looking veneering and completion using CT.


Because of its increased opacity, Ceramill ZI offers optimum conditions to mask dark, discoloured tooth preparations. It also allows versatile customisation (porcelain and stains) to ensure harmonious integration in the residual dentition.

Categories: Ceramics