Ceramill Mindforms - Cutback library by Knut Miller

05. February, 2017

Interview with Knut Miller about the idea and advantages of the new cutback library.

What was the idea behind the new cutback library?
The new cutback library provides users with aesthetic, natural structures on different cutback designs. Customers therefore have the choice, according to the individual patient situation, between different designs, which in terms of function, aesthetics and effort are perfectly coordinated to the anterior teeth of the tooth library.

Which advantages does this extended tooth mould library offer users?
Extension of the library creates an efficient, economic workflow with maximum process reliability. Time-consuming freeform processes in the CAD software are no longer required; the new library provides, so to speak, aesthetics at the press of a button. The mamelon structures stored in the library, however, can be further customised in the Wizard workflow using the “Freeforming” option. Our focus in the development was on the one hand on simplifying the process and on the other hand we also still wanted to give the dental technician creative freedom.

What area of the tooth shape does the stored cutback relate to?
When we talk about cutback, according to current thinking this always means a reduction of the tooth shape in the incisal third while maintaining an individual, natural, internal mamelon structure.

How many cutback moulds are stored in the library and what are their characteristics?
At the beginning there are a total of three versions stored, which are divided as follows:

- Incisal cutback - Full reduction of the tooth shape in the incisal third
- Labial cutback – Reduced tooth shape buccally and incisal third while maintaining an oral back plate
- Labial cutback, supported – Similar to labial cutback, however, the incisal edge of the framework material also remains fully intact.

Of course, we still have ideas for other shapes, which involve continually extending our library.

What is the requirement for using the new cutback library?
The basic requirement is naturally the Ceramill Mind CAD software and activation of the Ceramill Mindforms library Knut Miller. Customers who already work with the tooth library by Knut Miller can extend their library with the “Cutback” upgrade module. New customers always receive both the fully anatomical and also the cutback moulds in the library.

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