5 tips for the creation of true-to-nature restorations – Zolid Green-State Finishing Kit

26. November, 2018
The Zolid Green-State Finishing Kit - for the processing of zirconia and CoCr sinter metal restoration before sintering

In this blog entry AG Trainer Barbara Wetzel shares tips on how to create lifelike restorations with the usage of the Zolid Green-State Finishing Kit, which can be used for Zirconia, such as the Zolid DNA Generation zirconia, and CoCr sinter metal restorations in the white / green state.

1. Create profound esthetics
Some of the tools in the set is also suitable for finishing veneer ceramics. This allows easy creation of true-to-nature details such as surface structures and textures.

2. Smooth separation
The carbide cutter has a slight overlength, which makes it very easy and comfortable to separate complex restorations, such as long-span bridges from a 25 mm blank. (fig. 1)

3. Lend your restorations character
The fissure cutter is ideally suited to make your restorations as natural looking as possible – even the finest fissures in posterior or anterior teeth can be realized by using this tool. (fig. 2)

4. Draw the line
It’s sometimes difficult to thin the crown margins properly and homogeneously. By drawing a fine line along the margin with a wax crayon, you have an optimal guidance and don’t risk removing too much material. (fig. 3)

5. Don’t try to hard 
The polishers in the disc and garnet shapes can be used for soft smoothing of the connectors or for gentle thinning of the crown margin (fig.4 / fig.5). The use of rubber rollers is not recommended for CoCr sintering metals, such as Ceramill Sintron. Even if liquids are subsequently used in the processing of zirconium oxide, strong polishing of the surface should be refrained from.

By using these tips and a set like the Zolid Green-State Finishing Kit, which covers all the tools you need for the refinement of materials in the green/white state, you can create restorations with the extra demand in natural aesthetics.

See also the blog entry "5 tips for the handling of dry millable CoCr sinter metal" for more advice on metal.

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