All set with the new Set – Ceramill Green State Finishing Kit by Knut Miller

09. June, 2017

We asked Knut Miller, who played a decisive role in the development of this Set for the manual rework of CoCr sintering metal and zirconia - what makes the Set so special. > read more

Categories: Ceramics, Metal

The principle of float sintering

31. October, 2016

As one of the main developers of the sinter technology for dry millable CoCr sinter metal, Dipl.-Ing. Axel Reichert from the AG Research & Development department, shares exclusive insights on how and why long-span bridges have to be sintered the way they are today. > read more

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6 indispensible instruments for dry millable CoCr sinter metal restorations

18. August, 2016

CDT Knut Miller reveals his six favorite instruments for the further preparation of dry millable CoCr sinter metal restorations (e.g. from Ceramill Sintron). > read more

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5 Tips for the handling of dry millable CoCr sinter metal

29. June, 2016

Knut Miller was among the first users to process Ceramill Sintron, when it was launched in 2013. Since then, he's been enthusiastically fabricating restorations out of the CoCr sinter metal many times. Today he shares handy tips about the handling. > read more

Categories: Metal

Make room for aesthetics

17. February, 2016

Knut Miller demonstrates how the design can be taken into consideration in terms of function and aesthetics using this example. > read more

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