All set with the new Set – Ceramill Green State Finishing Kit by Knut Miller

09. June, 2017

We asked Knut Miller, who played a decisive role in the development of this Set for the manual rework of CoCr sintering metal and zirconia - what makes the Set so special. > read more

Categories: Ceramics, Metal

Full digital concept for monolithic restorations

01. June, 2017

Mauro Ahmić & Sandi Trkulja share their tips for the right shading when working completely digital & monolithic. An impressive case made from Ceramill Zolid FX Multilayer zirconia by AG Live Lab Dental Inpuls, Croatia. > read more

Categories: Ceramics, Software

Plan, Create, Succeed!

29. May, 2017

With consistent planning and innovative materials to perfect aesthetics. An article by Dr. Feraydoon Sharghi, Tübingen, and Master Dental Technician. Benjamin Votteler, Pfullingen/both Germany. > read more

Categories: Ceramics

Ceramill REAX - 4 tips on processing long-span, implant-supported zirconia bridges

08. February, 2017

We asked Knut Miller, one of the first users of the Ceramill M-Gin module, about his secret of how he gives his Ceramill REAX bridges the finishing touches after the milling process. > read more

Categories: Ceramics

Ceramill Mindforms - Cutback library by Knut Miller

06. February, 2017

Following the fully anatomic libraries, there is now also a cutback library from Knut Miller available for Ceramill Mindforms users. We asked Knut about the idea and the background of the extension. > read more

Categories: Ceramics, Software
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