No space for porcelain veneers? An alternative

19. August, 2015

Initial situation:

Non-precious alloy restorations, veneered with porcelain in the aesthetic/visible region ordered by the dentist

Indication & material used:

Single restorations made from dry millable CoCr sintering metal Ceramill Sintron; Fully anatomical and partially reduced.


Backplate anatomically contoured, to allow adequate space for the aesthetics in the anterior region


Function and aesthetics already taken into account in the CAD software.
11 to 13 framework design: Labially + proximally anatomically reduced frameworks for the porcelain veneer. Additional reduction of the framework in the cervical area (11 to 15) for a porcelain shoulder. Restorations are anatomically contoured in the palatal and occlusal regions. Naturally reconstructed non-precious metal backplate.


Highly aesthetic, natural results can be achieved, even with inadequate space availability, using the correct combination of material and utilisation of the CAD software

Categories: Metal