HT vs. SHT zirconia - a direct case comparison

11. May, 2016
Ceramill Zolid White FX (SHT zirconia) above, Ceramill Zolid White (HT zirconia) at the bottom

Initial situation:

Single restoration made from highly translucent zirconia ordered by the dentist

Indication & material used:

High-strength, aesthetic zircona – Highly translucent Ceramill Zolid White and super-high-translucent Ceramill Zolid FX White


With both models: The frameworks are buccally reduced and veneered with porcelain in the clearly visible (premolars) region. The remaining areas and the two molars are monolithically designed, stained and customised.


The focus of this restoration was mainly on cost-effectiveness. However, highly aesthetic results can be easily attained using both zirconium oxides. The difference hereby is in the translucency – which is clearly visible in the direct comparison above.

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