January 2020

Thomas' CAD Clue # 1 - Full arch impression scanning

22. January, 2020

Thomas Gienger, Amann Girrbach course trainer, knows the Ceramill Software (Ceramill Mind, Match, scan software) inside out, thanks to many years of experience. In the series "Thomas's CAD Clues" he will share valuable tips & tricks during this year, one each month. 

Paramount Processing for best results with zirconia

09. January, 2020

To achieve optimal results, Amann Girrbach relies on Paramount Processing for the production of the Zolid DNA Zirconia blanks. What that means and how that method makes Zolid zirconia superior to other zirconias, is explained in this blog entry by Melanie Röschmann, Product Management Teamleader for Materials.

Smart & efficient – Ceramill CAD/CAM nesting concept for Multilayer resins & zirconias

06. January, 2020

The clever concept makes it possible to cover two vita shades with only one Multilayer blank - but there are certain parameters, like the blank size, which are decisive, if one wants to achieve great and natural results. Tips & tricks about finding the right blank size in this blog entry are provided by B. Sc. Melanie Röschmann, Product Management Teamleader for Materials.