July 2019

Copying the anatomy of healthy teeth from the remaining tooth population for restorations

29. July, 2019

Using teeth libraries is an often used option to create anatomies. Copying and mirroring healthy teeth of the remaining tooth population is another efficient possibility within the CAD Software, explained by Ramona Thieltges, MSc. in this blog entry.

Light Management with Zolid HT+ zirconia

09. July, 2019

Discolored or dissimilar shaded stumps can be quite a challenge, especially in the anterior region. Joachim Maier, MDT, shows how to tackle this issue with a smart choice of framework material, for full color control.

Adjusting the optimal shade gradient for multilayer zirconia

01. July, 2019

There are a few aspects, which need to be taken into account to ensure that the shade gradient of multilayered zirconia (Zolid FX Multilayer) is optimally matched to the height of the restoration. Dipl.-Ing. Axel Reichert, Amann Girrbach Team Leader of Material Development, explains what these aspects are.