• Scholz Gerrit, M. Sc.

    Gerrit Scholz completed his training as a dental technician in 2011 as best of his year at Vier Q AG Dentaltechnik in Bochum, Germany. Following his Bachelor's degree in dental technology in Osnabrück in 2014, he completed his Master's degree in applied materials science at the same university until 2016 and graduated top of his class with a focus on dental technology. Gerrit Scholz completed several internships during his studies with Amann Girrbach in the Materials Department. Consequently, after completing his studies, he started as a development engineer in the R&D Department, initially in the field of digitization/CAM, and moved to the Materials Team in 2017, where his focus has remained on 3D printing and PMMA materials.

  • Anders Johannes, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

    Following completion of his training as a dental technician (Dentallabor Scheid, Zell an der Mosel, Germany), Johannes Anders decided to study dental technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Germany, which he successfully completed in 2009. Still during his period of study he gained practice experience in implant research as a research assistant at the University of Otago Dunedin, New Zealand, before he was employed at Amann Girrbach as product developer in the area of CAD/CAM. Today Johannes Anders is team leader for SCAN/CAD in the Research & Development department due to his comprehensive knowledge of practice and technology.

  • Thieltges Ramona, MSc.

    Ramona Thieltges underwent training as a dental technician in the Beicher & Jacobs Dental Laboratory in Salmtal. In 2013 she successfully completed her training with distinction and subsequently gathered considerable professional experience in crown and bridge techniques, prosthetics, and the milling and combination technique. Ramona Thieltges has been a member of the research and development department at Amann Girrbach since 2014. She first worked in the CAD/CAM area as an application engineer, where she was significantly involved in the development and optimization of the full denture module. Between 2016 and 2019 she completed the in-service course “Digital Dental Technology” at the University of Greifswald. Since 2019 she has been applying her specialist knowledge as a development engineer in the SCAN/CAD team.

  • Röschmann Melanie, B. Sc.

    Following her training as a dental technician in a dental laboratory in Wiernsheim, Melanie Röschmann did her bachelor thesis in dental technology in the field of all ceramics / zirconium oxide at the University of Osnabrück in 2011. Since then she’s been working in the industry and joined the product management of Amann Girrbach in 2016, where she’s leading the team for CAD/CAM materials & classics.

  • Wetzel Barbara, CDT

    She has worked in dental technology for a total of over 25 years and initially gained experience in different laboratories and on various training courses. Her particular speciality was in all facets of the aesthetic ceramic restoration sector. The switch to industry was a logical step: she worked in Germany at Vita Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen as a technical application consultant for over 12 years and, through continuous practical and theoretical training and advanced training in all areas of dental technology, ultimately as a course instructor. This work took her to all continents with a focus on Asia. As an experienced specialist in the metal-ceramic and all-ceramic sector as well as CAD/CAM materials she has enriched the Amann Girrbach trainer team since 2014.

  • Gienger Thomas, CDT

    Experienced in dental technology for almost 2 decades Thomas Gienger is a “dental-all-rounder”. His know how was built in the dental lab as well as in the dental industry. From the very beginning he was involved in Amann Girrbach´s CAD/CAM technology. With his long training experience he has helped hundreds of technicians to step into the digital world of dentistry and let them find out the fascinating possibilities of the new technology. His long experience also takes him to international conventions, road-shows and seminars.

  • Miller Knut, CDT

    Dental technician apprenticeship and studied at the Dental Academy in Baden/Vienna, 1988 graduation with honours. Subsequently, Mr Miller expanded his knowledge in the area of ceramic, gold, milling and combination techniques. Since 1996 he is lectoring for companies in the dental industry. As instructor and trainer he continuously broadens his spectrum of knowledge on an international scale. In 2005, Teamwork Media published his dental textbook “individualitas naturae dentis - individualitas dentis naturae“, which is one of the publishing house’s best-selling titles to this day. His teeth forms are by now integrated into the Ceramill Software as a high-end Tooth library.

  • Noack Falko, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

    After about eight years working in the dental technology sector (Dental Laboratory Glaser; Boblitz/Brandenburg, Germany), during which he mainly specialised in the fixed/removable and implant prosthetics, Falko Noack decided to study at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. After four years at the university he gained the title Dipl.-Ing in Dental Technology. During his study time he worked at the university on various projects in the field of metallography and material testing of dental materials. The topic of his diploma thesis was the development of a process chain for a zirconia pre-sintered blank manufacture. He then applied his practical and technological knowledge in research and development at Amann Girrbach, especially in the field of zirconia production and application technology. Falko Noack is now head of the Research and Development Department at Amann Girrbach.

  • Reichert Axel, Dipl.-Ing (FH)

    Following training and a successful working period as a dental technician (Dentallabor Nikolaus & Sperlich, Dingolfing, Germany) Axel Reichert gained the title of Graduate Engineer in Dental Technology at the University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrück, Germany. He has applied his practical and technical knowledge for 10 years now in the Research & Development Department at Amann Girrbach, particularly in the material development sector and CADCAM. Axel Reichert was involved in many development stages of sinter technology in the sectors of powder metal and high-performance ceramic and was project manager during development of the Ceramill Argotherm and Argovent furnace system. Axel Reichert is now team leader of material development.


  • Saraiva Luís, CDT

    Graduated at CESPU, in Dental Prosthesis, he began his career in the same year of 2012 in Matosinhos in a Fixed Prosthesis Laboratory with the one who was his greatest mentor, Mr. Domingos America. He was then Technical Director of Dental Solutions Lab, a renowned Laboratory in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal) where he matured and made his debut as a speaker at several conferences and trainer of Amann Girrbach. In 2019 he was invited to join the team of the illustrious Technician August Bruguera, Barcelona (Spain). Since the beginning of his career, he has invested strategically in his training in dental esthetics. He took several types of courses in different areas, such as ceramics, CAD/CAM, materials and photography. For the dental technician the year 2020 begins with a new project, as one of the founders of the ClarityLab Laboratory and Training Centre in Porto, Portugal.

  • Cone Miles, DMD

    Miles R. Cone, DMD, is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and completed a three-year Prosthodontic residency program while serving in the U.S. Army before being honorably discharged as a field grade officer in the rank of Major. Miles' current role in civilian life revolves around his position as a clinician and founder of Nuance Dental Specialists.

  • Blanco Pose Alfonso

    The dental technician from Uruguay started his career in 2008 in his father’s lab “Cyro Blanco Tecnica Dental”, which was founded in 1979. In 2014 he became the team leader of the CAD/CAM division of the company, in 2015 as well of the ceramics department. Since 2017, when his father retired, he is running the lab as technical director. The laboratory’s special are implant restorations designed with CAD/CAM – a technology which makes him also a demanded national and international speaker for various industry companies, such as Amann Girrbach. Currently Alfonso Pose is also working on a degree to become a dentist.

  • May David, MDT

    Dental master technician and laboratory manager at Lindauer Zahntechnik in Germany.

  • Hagen Hanno Moritz, Dr.

    Following his university entrance exam in 2006, Hanno Moritz Hagen began studying dentistry at the Eberhard Karl University in Tübingen and graduated in 2013. Since 2013, he has been working as a research assistant at the Department of Prosthodontics with sections "Medical Materials Science and Technology" and Propaedeutics (Medical Director: Prof. Dr. H. Weber) at the University Hospital, Center of Dentistry, Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Surgery, Tübingen. His treatment focus is on fixed, combined fixed-removable dentures as well as complex functional rehabilitation. He is also a qualified investigator at the "Study Office for Medical Devices" of the University Hospital Tübingen.

  • Klingner Matthias, MDT

    Owner of the laboratory Zahntechnik Klingner in Arnsdorf, Germany.

  • Sopałowicz Łukasz , CDT

    Łukasz Sopałowicz is the managing director of the Lider-Tech Laboratory in Mazańcowice, Poland. 

  • Schönthal Jörg, CDT

    Laboratory Manager at Dentaltechnik Dr. Lerner, Germany,  as well as course instructor for Amann Girrbach for the Telescope Technique with Ceramill Sintron.

  • Winterhalter Rosa, MDT & May David, MDT

    Both manage the laboratory "Lindauer Zahntechnik GmbH" in Lindau, Germany.

  • Maier Joachim, MDT

    1992 after apprenticeship for dental technology he worked as dental technician at School for Dental Medicine, Tübingen, DE. Five years at a renowned laboratory in Stuttgart were followed by a collaboration with Kenneth A. Malament DDS, MScD, in Boston, USA and support as visiting lecturer the Postdoctoral Program for Prosthodontics at Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine and Harvard School for Dental Medicine in Boston, USA. In 1999 he achieved his master’s degree and was co-founder and part owner of Bodensee Dentaltechnik AG in Meersburg, DE. Today he is running the Bodensee Oral Design Center, located in Überlingen, DE. The laboratory is specialised on fixed prosthesis with All Ceramic Systems. He gives presentations and courses on All Ceramic, minimal invasive restorations, implant borne prosthesis, CAD/CAM technology and reports on his 15 years experience with laminated Zirconia and more than 10.000 Units in Europe, United States and Asia.

  • Votteler Benjamin, MDT

    MDT Benjamin Votteler completed his final dental technology exam in 2001 as the best student of the year. He then worked in various laboratories and gathered a large amount of practical experience from 2001 to 2005 with well-known dental technicians in the greater Stuttgart area, Switzerland and California. In March 2006 Benjamin Votteler passed his Master’s exam in Stuttgart. Since then he has managed a dental laboratory in Pfullingen, Germany, with his father. Benjamin Votteler is well-known internationally as the author of numerous publications as well as for lecturing. He focusses on fabricating all-ceramic restorations which he teaches in practice-orientated workshops.

  • Mauro Ahmić & Sandi Trkulja, CDT

    After joint education (2000-2004), Sandi and Mauro worked together in a dental laboratory and after 8 years of intense work, training and education in the fields of aesthetics and function, they have decided to take further steps to improve dental techniques and knowledge independently. In 2013, they have begun their own business story and started DENTAL INPULS. In just few years Dental Inpuls has become a laboratory that pushes the boundaries of dental ceramics with creativity, fresh ideas and a strong sense of aesthetics, as evidenced by many satisfied patients and clients.

  • Gödiker Michael, Dipl.-Ing.

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Gödiker completed his dental technician training in January 2002. He then completed the Dental Technology degree course at the University of applied sciences Osnabrück until the beginning of 2006. From January 2006 he was employed at C.Hafner (Pforzheim, Germany), where he also previously wrote his diploma thesis. He has been employed at VITA Zahnfabrik (Bad Säckingen, Germany) since 2008 as head of special divisions in the Research & Development Department and is responsible there for pressable-ceramics, framework materials (ZrO2) and the glass-ceramic VITA SUPRINITY.