Zolid Gen-X 25 mm blank - the answer to implant-supported restorations with gingiva component

17. August, 2020
Fig. 1 - Optimally aligned restorations with a high gingival component (REAX Bridge) to achieve the correct Vita shade with a natural shade gradient while observing the asymmetrical shade gradient concept.

Industrial multilayer pre-shaded zirconia blanks have established a strong positive trend in the dental market for quite some time now - they enable a simple, fast and extremely esthetic implementation of restorations. However, in indications with a gingival component, an evenly distributed, symmetrical shade gradient can impair the efficient fabrication of highly esthetic dentures. With the new 25 mm Zolid Gen-X blank, our most recently launched zirconia with a natural shade and translucency gradient while exhibiting high strength (> 1000 MPa) at the same time, we provide the dental technician with the ultimate solution for complex implant-supported work.

If the blank is divided virtually into 4 horizontal layer sections, the "25" shade technically appears as a true 16 mm blank - with a polychromatic color component in the upper area, and a monochromatic component in the lower area (Fig. 1). Due to this "asymmetrical" layer distribution within the blank, the most frequently used average height of 16 mm can be used ideally for the esthetics of the teeth/crowns, and the remaining 9 mm, the fully stained area, for the gingival component (Fig. 2).

This useful distribution of the layers becomes both visible and exploitable for the user through the integrated nesting concept in the Ceramill Match 2, within the Ceramill CAD/CAM system. This allows large-span, 14-unit bridges in particular to be optimally nested and fabricated - and is more than a mere compromise between esthetics and efficiency.

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