Putting an end to complexity

17. June, 2020
The Ceramill CAD/CAM system offers perfectly integrated workflows.

The range of available CAD/CAM systems now appears to be virtually unlimited. How is it still possible to differentiate oneself?
C. Ermer: Meanwhile one can almost speak of a CAD/CAM jungle. It is therefore important to have a responsible and reliable partner who carries out a pre-selection for the customers. Not everything that is available on the market or is technically possible necessarily makes sense. First choice for us are products, workflows and components which serve the well-being of the patient. Equally important are reliable partnerships (patient, dentist, laboratory, industry).

Everyone is talking about integration, but what does this actually mean from a purely technical perspective?
F. Noack: As a CAD/CAM system consists of several components which can be placed both locally or externally, it is important to connect the interfaces between the individual modules in an ideal manner. Perfect integration is given when the user does not even notice that the software or hardware changes during different work steps.

To what extent does the software influence the functionality of a CAD/CAM system?
C. Ermer: The software is at the core of a CAD/CAM system as it controls and links all components, indications and materials. For example, with our latest software update, extensions were made possible to cover digital full dentures up to 14s as well as additions for long-span, implant-supported restorations in combination with new materials (Zolid Gen-X). All as accustomed and organized in safe, simple and easy to learn workflows.

How can one ensure that the possible indications and related workflows can be called up?
C. Ermer: In addition to the integration already described, we offer an extensive range of training programs. This ranges from courses in training centers or via online to training in the laboratory. We also provide support via a Helpdesk trained in dental and CAD/CAM technology. For example, over 80 percent of customer calls fall into the category of 'guidance', i.e. problems that are not of a technical nature, but rather have a purely training character. This dialog has advantages for both sides.

To what extent does the new Ceramill Matik meet the above requirements?
F. Noack: Ceramill Matik offers the full range of materials and indications. To make optimum use of these and exploit them efficiently, a certain degree of control management on the part of the machine is indispensable. For this reason the 36-fold blank changer was not only designed merely as a blank changer, but also functions as a material management system including structured tool handling. This way the processes run far more efficiently for the laboratory and the users can devote more time to their true profession: the finishing of milled structures.

C. Ermer: In future, smart home functions such as remote access to the machine's job and material management will take full advantage of integration into the CAD/CAM system.

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